September, 2008

Sep 08

Wizard World, Flashback Weekend

Bo and I went to Chicago in July with some friends for the annual Wizard World convention, but then when we got there and checked in to our hotel, we discovered that the Flashback Weekend HORROR convention was happening in our hotel on the same weekend!! It was SO AWESOME!

Wizard World was pretty neat. I’m not too big on gaming and comics and all that, but they had awesome shirts and TOYS, posters and movies, and I got to fill in some of the empty spaces in my Spawn collection, and I got some awesome swag for my little bro for his b’day. Everything was so bright and sparkly! I basically wandered around… here are some pics!

This is what you see when you enter Wizard World The Suicide Girls!! WOO! OMG! It's Lou Ferrigno! C3PO and others... Captain Jack Sparrow! EXCELLENT impersonator, even SOUNDED like him. Holy crap, it's Mojo! 8-ft. tall sculpture of The Hulk Air-blown 'Yivo' from Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs Bo and Weed being uberdorks.

The horror convention, on the other hand, I was SUPER-PSYCHED about! There were all kinds of people made-up like zombies wandering around our hotel, they had a Zombie Pin-Up contest, and Elvira was there looking FANTASTIC! I got a Night of the Living Dead mug. And best of all, GEORGE A. ROMERO WAS THERE!!! I got to meet him! I stood in line for an hour (because every 15-20 minutes he would go out for a smoke, lol) and I got a “George A. Romero for President” shirt, and I got my picture taken with him, and I got an autograph!! OMG IT WAS SO MEGA-SPECTACULAR! I did sacrifice getting my Spawn #1 autographed by Todd MacFarlane in order to meet George A. Romero, but it was so totally worth it. I was so excited; in the picture that was taken with him, I look like I’m going to freakout (I almost peed a little). What a great vacation!

One of the best Zombie Pin-Up entries that I saw there. ME with GEORGE A. ROMERO!!