Winter Project: Junk Room

That’s right, boys and girls… I’m tackling the “junk room.” (woot) I want to clear it out, paint it, and move Gunner into there because it is bigger than his current room. “Why paint it?” you may ask. (wonder) Well, because the walls are lime green and the carpet is cornflower blue. (gross) It’s truly hideous. Let me show you…

Junk Room Junk Room Junk Room Junk Room

Notice the sweet-ass Technodrome? Yeah, that’s not going anywhere; my husband would punch me in the face if I even considered getting rid of his Turtles. (lol) But there’s PLENTY of other stuff that can be liquidated. So, I will probably be selling what I can on eBay, consigning what’s left of that, and donating anything leftover.

I purchased a used 2-drawer file cabinet today, so the first step will be sorting out and filing away the paper work and bills and such. Next will be to sort through everything to decide what to sell off or get rid of and what to keep. The cradle, crib, car seat and stroller will be going to one or both of the grandparents’ house(s) for attic storage. We don’t have an attic.(annoyed) The desk will either be given to my nephew or consigned. I hate to get rid of it, I’ve spent a lot of time at that desk during my teen years, but we just don’t need it and it’s taking up a lot of space.

I’m hoping to have this done by the spring (hope) or sooner if I can really get some major chunks done everyday. If I include the painting process, it probably will be spring by the time it’s ready. If I can get it done in time for Gunner’s birthday in March, that would be AWESOME! We will see… baby steps.

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