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Injuries are abound

Last Friday, I was cutting some fabric with a rotary cutter. Little did I know that my left index finger would soon be forever changed. That’s right, I sliced right through it, removing a fair chunk. I was home alone with my 4-year-old son, so there wasn’t much I could do: I rinsed it, compressed it with a washcloth, and proceeded to cuss like a sailor. When my husband arrived home from work, he chuckled and I laughed along with him at the total lame of the situation. It would not stop bleeding if I took the compress off, so I decided to go to the urgent care. I wasn’t sure if they could actually put stitches in it, as a good swatch was missing, but I had no idea what to do with it so I figured I’d better go in and get some advice.

WARNING: If you are squeamish,
do not look at these pictures!

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Beanbag Game for DG

Newest MSCE was actually worked on yesterday afternoon/evening. This is a beanbag game for my nephew’s birthday present. He’s 3 years-old! Sooooo cute! and such a little stinker, lol!

Space Cadet Beanbag Game

The beanbags are full of lentils in a self-contained muslin pouch, and the “covers” are removable with a velcro closure (for washability). The game plays like Bocci Ball or Horseshoes and the bags are designed for indoor or outdoor play. I’m mailing them out today, hope he likes them!

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Fabric Scrap Easter Eggs

I recently joined the Dabbled “Make Something Cool Everyday in April” challenge… project… thingie. This is my first project for MSCE! It was easy to choose, as the other day my 4-year-old son colored Easter eggs at Grandma’s house, and brought them home thinking he could “play” with them. (unsure) Of course, by “play” I mean throw them up in the air and let them thud to the floor, crack them and crumble the eggshells all over, and hide them around the house. (annoyed) So I banished the Easter eggs to the refridgerator, and my son pouted and was generally bummed. Then I remembered the Fabric Easter Egg Tutorial I had seen on the Retro Mama blog, and it was a perfect solution!

Fabric Scrap Eggs

I used some of the smaller scraps that I had, so they’re not really coordinated or anything, and I fudged the directions a little to accommodate some of the strange shaped fabric pieces, but Gunner loves them and was so excited that I made him an Easter present! Much success!

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How-To: Easily Remove Cockleburrs

We live out in the country, so as a family (including the dogs) we encounter cockleburrs of varying size, shape and nastiness. So I figured I would share an easy method of removing them from virtually anything without pricking your fingers…

How-To: Easily Remove Cockleburrs

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