Infinite Repeat

After reading a blog entry over at Wise Craft about house music, I decided to make my own list of songs that I could listen to over and over again repeatedly. Which I have actually done with these songs on multiple occasions over the years. They’re just that good!

To keep the list “short,” and in the interest of “diversity,” I’ve only chosen one song per band/artist, which was really hard to do, as seen in the footnotes for few songs (so I cheated a teensy bit). These are listed alphabetically by artist, because that’s how they came out as I was sifting through Media Player; it seems to add a bit of organized randomness to the whole thing.

If you don’t feel like clicking each individual link to the songs, I’ve put them all on a playlist available on YouTube: Infinite Repeat (click “Play All Videos” to start the awesomeness). Otherwise you can just read through the entire list below, which turned out to be longer than I expected. I trimmed it down twice but I cannot get it in under thirty, so lengthy it remains…

AC/DC “Squealer” Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Allman Brothers Band “Midnight Rider” The Devil’s Rejects Soundtrack
Black Sabbath “Planet Caravan” Paranoid
Cake “Wheels” Pressure Chief
Clutch “Basket of Eggs” Jam Room
Danzig “Ashes” Danzig 5: Blackacidevil
Devildriver “I Dreamed I Died” Devildriver
Faith No More “Woodpecker from Mars” The Real Thing
Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine” Extraordinary Machine
George Michael “Freedom 90″ Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
Heart “Magic Man” Greatest Hits
INXS “Need You Tonight” Kick
Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” American V: A Hundred Highways
Led Zeppelin “When the Levee Breaks” Led Zeppelin IV
Les Claypool “Up On the Roof” Purple Onion
Medeski Martin & Wood “The Dropper” The Dropper
Mr. Bungle “Vanity Fair” California
Neil Young “Old Man” Harvest
Nine Inch Nails “Into the Void” The Fragile
Pantera “Shedding Skin” Far Beyond Driven
Pink Floyd “Childhood’s End” Obscured by Clouds
Primus “Mrs. Blaileen” Tales from the Punchbowl *
Puscifer “Momma Sed” V is for Vagina
Rage Against the Machine “Testify” The Battle of Los Angeles
Slayer “Stain of Mind” Diabolus in Musica
System of a Down “Spiders” System of a Down
Ted Nugent “Stranglehold” Ted Nugent
Testament “John Doe” Demonic **
That 1 Guy “Buttmachine” The Moon Is Disgusting
Tool “Reflection” Lateralus
Whale “Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe” We Care
White Zombie “El Phantasmo and the Chicken Run Blast-o-rama” Astro-Creep: 2000

* or “The Toys Go Winding Down” Frizzle Fry
** or “3 Days in Darkness” The Gathering
this whole album is ridiculously awesome.

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