Gunner’s New Room

One happy almost-5-year-old in his new room

Last year, we began remodeling the back room to move Gunner into that larger room. A long, long time ago, it was a roommate’s room, then when the new baby (namely Gunner) came along, it became the “junk room” because there was no way I was putting a baby in that room with the nightmarish electric-puke-chartreuse walls. But as Gunner grew and accumulated more and more stuff, he quickly outgrew the smaller “baby” room and really needed more space.

The decision was 100% cemented with the beginnings of baby number two, and months of procrastination was quickly becoming regrettable! But with the help of our wonderful families we were able to finish it up relatively quickly. Thank goodness! As you can see from the before photos in this archive entry and the after photos below, it turned out beautifully.

Gunner’s new loft bed was crafted by his grandfather (my father-in-law) years ago, originally for our nephew but he outgrew it a few years ago and we inherited it when my sister-in-law cleaned out her storage garage. It was perfect timing, and it’s such a cool bed! I was worried about him sleeping so high off the ground, but he’s been doing just fine (settle down, mom) and it’s nice to have the extra room underneath. I really like that the organization drawers for toys and his clothing worked out so well, and I got to sort and put labels on everything! I’m hoping that the labels will help him with some “sight” reading and he will be able to keep track of where everything is and clean up after himself more easily. He’s also got a brand new bookcase so that all of his books are now in his room! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time in order to clear out some space on the livingroom bookshelves for our growing collection of books.

Now it’s just a matter of getting the new baby’s room more settled and figured out. It shouldn’t be too difficult, the crib and changing table/dresser and all the other good stuff is already set up. I’m just waiting on some Alphabet wall cards to spiff up the plain white walls. Then I’ll throw some pink sheets and blankets on things and see where it needs to go from there. *sigh* Always a work in progress.

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