Happy Valentines

Today we celebrated a quiet Valentine’s Day at home with the new baby. Gunner and I made Bo’s favorite cookies for a surprise. Gunner was such a great helper! I was quite impressed. I didn’t know how I was going to package the cookies in Valentine form, I didn’t just want to put them in a gift bag, but luckily we used up the last of an oatmeal container and decorated for Daddy’s Valentine. It was a lot of fun!

Daddy's Valentine

The Valentines that I received were extra special, too. Gunner’s grandma helped him make the Valentine for me, which says “SMBTE LV YOU MAMAM” and translates: “Somebody loves you, Mama.” He sounded it out and wrote it himself! Bo’s Valentine was a hilarious poem that he wrote, which I will not repeat here as it is kinda dirty, lol. I love the part on the front that says “Here’s your card. I made it with my hands. Here it is.”

Mommy's Valentines

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