Good Noodle Success!

In other Gunner news, he filled his Good Noodle Jar, and got a LEGO tank!

He switched his “prize” several times over the course of the months: LEGO tank, Wolverine Claws, Spider-Man web shooter. He would have ended up with the Wolverine Claws, but they don’t sell them in stores anymore! He decided on the LEGO tank, and to celebrate his accomplishment we also went out to eat at Red Robin (our whole family, and it actually went smoothly)! Now we have reset the jar, and Gunner is already thinking of what he will get with his future points.

Gunner with his Good Noodle Jar (full) and his new LEGO tank!

I devised the Good Noodle system by combining a technique from Jo the “Supernanny” with something from an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants. Heeheehee! “Good Noodle Points” are craft pom-poms (two-hundred, to be exact) and the system utilizes both positive and negative reinforcement. The “Good Noodle Jar” is just a plastic lidded jar from Walmart, but it may as well be a treasure chest! Plus, it’s colorful and fun!

The “system” is really simple. He does something good, helpful, praiseworthy, chores, etc.–he gets points. If he does something “bad”, throws a fit, breaks the rules, doesn’t listen, etc.–points get taken away. When he fills the jar (and keeps his points for 1 week), he gets a prize! We’ve set the prize as a toy worth $50-$100 for which he would otherwise have to wait for Christmas or his birthday. It has worked wonderfully for us!

To get started, you put 10 points in the jar. Points are rewarded and taken away as necessary. This first time around, it took us about 5 or 6 months to fill the jar completely. We take a Ziploc bag of 10 points with us when we go shopping, and he gets to keep any points that are left in the bag when we get home. This helps to keep the whining and begging to a minimum without mom getting peeved and crabby. Woohoo!

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