Tutorial: Beanbags with Covers

I was super-psyched when I received an email from a Girl Scout Troop leader, inquiring about the Beanbags with removable covers that I had made for my nephew for his birthday. She was interested in making them as a project for her Troop to donate to shelters, and asked if I would be willing to send some instructions. So I took some photos and wrote up some instructions, and decided to make it into a tutorial to post here on the blog!

Download the Beanbags Tutorial PDF

Download the PDF here

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2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Beanbags with Covers

  1. Sandra :) says:

    This is great – thanks for the tutorial! I have a nephew that’s the perfect age for these, and I can make him a set for Christmas – I think I’ll applique the letters of his name onto blocks ;)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks AZGZ, this is good.

    I wonder if you can shrink it. It’s over 7 MB. Gorgeous detail, on the images, but long on the download.

    When I try this I think I’ll see how they go without velcro first, hoping the overlap will be enough to keep the inner bags in.


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