Nola’s Room Makeover, Intro

Now that Nola is no longer a flailing newborn, she needs a proper baby girl’s room to grow into. I have plenty of plans swirling around in my head already, and most of them are simple and I already have most of the stuff I need. It’s just a matter of finding the time and getting it done!

Note the gaping white areas of blank wall space. Boring! My plans include alphabet wall cards, proper curtains, a small set of shelves (like in Gunner’s room), get that motorcycle out of there, switch out the breathable bumpers and mobile for the “new” ones acquired this weekend, and much more! I do like the extra storage under the crib, but I need to get a proper storage tub for the space there. I’ll be posting some “halfway there” pics once I get a few things done. ;)

FYI, here’s what Gunner thinks of the whole thing:

Mmm... root beer...

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2 thoughts on “Nola’s Room Makeover, Intro

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