How to Destroy Angels EP

The recent collaboration of Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, titled How to Destroy Angels, has produced a 6-song EP available for FREE to download from the website

How to Destroy Angels

First impression: absolutely LOVE the album cover art. It makes me think of pulpy science fiction novels — very cool. I want a giant-sized poster of it to hang on my wall.

As far as the music, I may not exactly be the most unbiased listener. But that’s why I downloaded it in the first place, right? I like techno-industrial as a genre, and I like most of the stuff Trent Reznor makes. I also really like Mariqueen Maandig’s voice. I’ve listened to the songs about six times through now, and as a whole I have enjoyed them.

I definitely like the first song, “The Space in Between” (the video is also awesome). When I first listened to “BBB” (which apparently stands for “Big Black Boots”) it was a bit of an eye-roller; it seemed contrived and cliche. But wouldn’t you know it, that’s the song that’s been stuck in my head all day! So I’ve really come-around on that one. The final song, “A Drowning”, is quite excellent. I like this EP enough that I am looking forward to hearing more, and plan to purchase whatever full length album they release next year.

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