Gunner Mix

Every once in a while, Gunner is really interested in the music I’m listening to, so I figure maybe he’s outgrowing his SpongeBob soundtrack. I decided the make a special mix CD just for him, but it was a bit more difficult than I had originally thought–turns out I have a lot of music that is both inappropriate and uninteresting to a 5-year-old (go figure). But one day we were listening to some Sepultura in the car, and Ratamahatta came on and Gunner absolutely loved it! He loves singing his own “gibberish” songs, so a song in Portuguese was right up his alley. I added that song to his mix playlist, and along with the three Queen songs already on there it was a whopping 9 minutes. I finally decided to just go through everything I have and add whatever I thought might work, and then listen to the playlist all the way through to edit stuff out that would be boring for him (or had hidden swears that I had forgotten about).

The final CD turned out really awesome! I almost made a duplicate for myself, but then I figured I’d be hearing it ten times through every day and that would be enough. A couple highlights that he has really enjoyed are Peaches and Buttmachine (again, go figure).

Gunner Mix

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