Sharing This Week: Your Dogs

The topic of “sharing” this week in Gunner’s kindergarten class was pets — either pets you have or pets you’d like to have. Since we couldn’t exactly take the dogs in to the school (for a multitude of reasons), we decided to take a photo of Gunner with the dogs for him to take in and show to the class. Here is the result:

Gunner, Festus, Hutch, Daisy

Yep, that’s the “best” one. This was the only one where all the dogs were in-frame, and Gunner was paying attention and smiling. Unfortunately, he just happened to be itching his leg awkwardly. *facepalm* But hopefully no one noticed.

The dogs are: Festus (yellow lab/pitbull mix), Hutch (chocolate lab, AKC name “Mr. Trouble Hutchins Pterodactyl”), and Daisy (smooth collie/terrier mix). There hasn’t been a photo of Hutch since he’s been fully grown… so here he is! What a lovely bunch of smelly mutts!

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