T-Shirt Memory Quilt for Mom

T Shirt Quilt

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2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Memory Quilt for Mom

  1. urban craft says:

    What! Did you make this for your mom? Or was this a quilt made for you, mom? Either way, dope shirt collection. And I was diggin’ your unicorn treasury. As I have just recently assured my 3 year old son that yes, it’s okay to like unicorns even if you are a boy.

  2. Adel says:

    I made this for my mom! I guess that is kinda vague, didn’t think about it when I posted it, lol. A few of those shirts were from my personal collection, but the rest I diligently hunted down so I could make my mom a “memory” quilt of all the things that she likes/are part of her life. She loves it and didn’t use it for the longest time because she was toting it around with her showing everyone! Best.gift.idea.ever. How will I ever top this?! I highly recommend it if you have a sewing machine and someone you love who needs to keep warm!

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