T-Shirt Wantingness

T-Shirts. I love them.

Some might say, that I fanatically collect them.

But that would be an overstatement, pfft (okay maybe just a little)

I’ve been wearing tees with printed graphics of all the things that are wonderful, since I was old enough to choose my own clothes. When I was 12, my favorite was an allover print Betty Boop shirt (it was fantastic).

Jeans and tees are what I wear. Year round. Mostly black, which in the summer is unfortunate. Mostly band shirts, with some movies sprinkled in there. More conversations have been initiated by strangers because of the t-shirt that I’m wearing than anything else.

Purchasing new shirts for myself happens less and less frequently, now in my era of parenthood. (not that there’s any lack of great kids shirts) But as soon as its mom’s turn, I’m gonna be all over these:

T-Shirt Wantingness

1. Unicorn and F15 Jets from Beta, 2. MINERALS from Nonfiction Tees, 3. I would prefer not to Bartleby from The Riverwest Brothers, 4. I Can’t Hear You from Snorg Tees, 5. The Morning After from Threadless, 6. PROUD TO BE AWESOME from Signature Tshirts, 7. Faith No More “The Second Coming” Yellow Sky from FNM.com, 8. im in ur blank from Think Geek.

There are also some designs that I would looooove to get on a t-shirt, but are not actually available (?!) They would look something like this:

T-Shirt Wishingness

a. WWII screen print (yellow) from Nicholas Fredland, b. “bass players are sexy; your argument is invalid.”, c. Snail of Fury from Badbird.

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One thought on “T-Shirt Wantingness

  1. Lexi says:

    I found your from Angela’s blog roll (radkitten.nu) and love this post. I wear t-shirts almost exclusively, I purchase most of mine from shirt.woot.com, great site! My t-shirts are more of a collection than just things I wear now, haha.

    I’ve been wanting to buy the clown shirt for awhile now and the bass shirt but I’d have to replace bass with drummers. ;)

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