My Mother’s Day Garden

So suddenly it’s Mother’s Day, and suddenly I have a little cheerful garden on my windowsill.

My Mother's Day Garden

I got myself the Aralia, impulsively from the HyVee garden center, after having killed my last little precious Parsley Aralia. Damn you, over-watering! Don’t worry, little Aralia, I learned my lesson.

Gunner brought home a plant from school for a Mother’s Day gift. He says it is a Marigold.

I know Mother’s Day is supposed to make me feel wonderful and appreciated, but mostly it makes me feel inadequate and frustrated and exhausted. Why does it have to be on a Sunday? Sundays are my busiest days, full of dishes and laundry and house cleaning. I probably have some kind of anti-holiday gene, that makes me feel the opposite of how you’re “supposed” to feel during holidays.

But I did get to be Mom on Mother’s Day, and that was the most awesome part.

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