Process: Nola’s Wall-Hanging Quilt

I’ve had the fabric for this quilt for Nola for… almost a year now? Yikes. I’ve finally re-cut the pieces I had previously cut, and yesterday I planned it all out and pieced it together.


I stitched it all together last night and now its hanging there, waiting to be finished with batting and backing and top-stitching and binding. Dang, when I write it all out it seems like a lot to do still…


I’m so excited! Why did I put this off so long?! Oh yeah, because I do that with EVERYTHING EVER.

Other fun news: I added an updated family photo to the About Me page. Finally got someone (my mom) take a picture of all of us together! We just happen to be looking extra-dapper in our “nice” clothes, because my friend was getting married!

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One thought on “Process: Nola’s Wall-Hanging Quilt

  1. [...] Nola’s quilt is pinned and ready to be quilted, which I’d like to do today. Then I can sew it up with the ATOMIC RED binding tape which took me about three hours to make (I have no binding tape-making tool, booooooo). The insane color had my eyes going all wonky the whole time, but it looks great so it was worth it! [...]

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