Childhood Keepsakes

So if you hadn’t already guessed by the lack of blog posts this summer, I have been staying very busy. My one monstrous undertaking is getting the house organized, with new shelving and storage, and rearranging all the closets. My hope is that having things well-organized will lead to easier maintenance of the house in general, plus I won’t have to “scoop & cram” everything into our bedroom when the holidays arrive and family comes over for festivities.

While sorting through some of our “keepsakes” storage, I came across many treasures from my childhood. It’s always the most fun going through these time-capsule-like totes, and discovering all these cherished items all over again. I decided to take some pics of my most favorite things among the nostalgic goodness…


My Little Pony!
A mere fraction of the collection Nola will inherit someday.

* * * * *

Authenitc 1986 Jem cassette tape! I listened to this a lot.

Metal Cabbage Patch Kids lunchbox and plastic Smurfs lunchbox (both sans-Thermos, unfortunately). And yes, that is a case of 3.5″ floppy disks — full of adolescent and teenage secrets, probably.

My most precious handmade Barbie dress!
Nola will also be inheriting this (after some much-needed repairs) when she’s old enough to appreciate its awesomeness.

Original Polly Pockets!  From back when they actually fit in your pocket, before all the “choking hazard” business. I can’t believe all the pieces are still around! Huge thanks to my mom for her hard work keeping track of and sorting out and storing my toys for all those years! Love you Mom

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