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There are a few things I’ve made this year that have been finished for a while but I never took the time to photograph. Well I finally got around to it! (plus more) I’ve also added these to the Adel Zeller Handmade Facebook page, and comments are welcome!


This blanket was my husband’s birthday gift this year, finished up in late March/early April. It’s made from a lot of our old t-shirts that were “retired” (i.e. too worn-out to wear), and a few more that I snagged cheap on eBay that were awesome. It measures about 60″ wide by 87″ long, and it is SUPER WARM! The most baddest-ass blanket EVER.

IMG_4798 IMG_4787

Nola’s quilt was finished back in early May! As you can see, it is not being used as a wall-hanging as I had originally intended. She loves it so much! And it is a blanket after all, so I figure we’ll just have to find something else for the wall.


I made these drawstring bags for Nola’s toys back when it was still cold out. It’s not often you get to embroider the word “Balls” onto something! I have to admit that I snickered to myself the whole time.

IMG_4800 IMG_4801

Gunner has been bugging me for weeks to make him a necklace. So I finally dug out the supplies, and braided hemp cord for a couple hours yesterday. He looks like a little surfer dude!


Here’s an impulse shot from July 2nd of my “sewing area” in the kitchen. A lot has changed about it in the last month! The shelving unit has been moved to a different wall and the Nirvana poster is gone. I’m glad I took this picture because it shows the lemon & yellow prints Cornhole bag set that I made custom order for a wedding, that I forgot to take photos of before shipping out! Grr! Oh well, live and learn I suppose.


And lastly, my new thread spool holders! Great way to fill in some wall space with organization, and it’s pretty, too. Full of win!

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One thought on “Finished Crafts Backlog

  1. Anna says:

    Wow! Great idea for using old t-shirts! I’ve seen something like this before, but never as badass, since you used mostly metal/hard rock t-shirts. :) Even though I suck at sewing, I might have to try this…

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