Halloween Costumes 2011

I made the costumes for both kids this year and actually finished them. Several stuffed animals (and one leather handbag) were sacrificed to make Nola’s barbarian costume. Her boots were the cutest part, but you can’t really see them in any of the pictures. Nola the Destroyer!

Nola the Destroyer

Gunner was a viking warrior — quite fitting with his Norwegian heritage. He also had awesome boots, and a sweet “fur” cloak with a wicked medallion clasp, of which I’m totally jealous!

Both kids won 1st places in their age groups at our local Halloween party costume contest! (I really had to futz with this next picture; Nola’s face was totally washed-out for some reason)

I have to thank my mom for working so hard making all my awesome Halloween costumes when I was growing up, and thusly inspiring me to work hard to make my kids’ costumes. The torch has been passed!

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