Christmas Tutu! Falalalala

Finished up Nola’s Christmas tutu this morning! And might I say, what a pain in the butt. But what a wonderful result!

Christmas Tutu!

Next time I think I’ll try the tie-method, as it seems a lot more simple. I went all old-school (à la le ballet), sewing together two continuous yards in four layers of each color, and bunching it with an elastic waist. It was less than dramatic at first, looking more like a netted circle skirt than a tutu. Then I used what I can only think to call the couture method to fluff it up: kind of a separating-rolling-smashing-twisting motion. After about 30 minutes of that, it is now puffy and fabulous!

I’ll hopefully get some pics of Nola modeling her Christmas tutu to post here in the next week-or-so. I tried to take a photo holding it up a little bit so you could see more of the underside layer, but I couldn’t hold my arm still enough.

Shaky Christmas Tutu

Thank goodness for the low-light setting on my camera. Considering this is what it looks like outside today:

the weather outside is frightful

Now I’m off to do more holiday house-cleaning!


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