Printable Holiday Activity Pages

When I was a young girl, our local newspaper included “The Mini Page” with its Sunday edition. It had word finds, connect the dots, find-the-picture, trivia, jokes, even some science experiments. It kept me busy for a couple hours every Sunday after lunch, and I looked forward to it every weekend. Unfortunately, that paper hasn’t syndicated “The Mini Page” for years, so my kids will probably never have that same experience. I’ve ordered a subscription to Highlights Magazine for my 6.5-year-old son (another publication of fond childhood memory) but that won’t start arriving until January 2012.

I decided to hunt for some activity sheets online, to give him something to do while he waited patiently for me to clean up the kitchen and clear a space to put up the Christmas tree.  It took me a good half-hour to find all these great printable pages! Turns out it was a good time-investment, as these activities have come in very handy in the last couple days that he’s been home sick from school.

Activity Pages Preview

Well, to save YOU some time, I’ve combined these printable activity pages into a single downloadable PDF file! A nice, curated collection of mostly holiday-themed activities (there are three “off-season” pages at the end, but they were too cute not to include). All you have to do is click “print” for 16 pages of fun! Print resolution for these is set for 100 dpi, so some may appear slightly choppy/grainy, but my son didn’t seem to mind.

Click here to view/download the PDF

NOTE: When printing, in the print dialog box be sure to select the formatting option “Page Scaling: None” for best results.

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