Nola is 2, and has a “new” room

Nola is now 2-years-old, and continues her refusal to both sit still and smile for pictures. 75% of her photos are either exuberant-grinning-blur or disinterested-curmudgeon-stare.


She really is a happy kid, I swear!! Just seems like whenever I get my camera out she puts on her poker-face, lol. We found her a Cabbage Patch kid at Goodwill that I could not believe — excellent condition… with clothes on, even! So of course I had to make her new baby doll a blanket.

Doll Quilt

I knew I was keeping all those strip-scraps for a reason, and not just because I’m some kind of fabric hoarder… because I’m not… I also made her some fresh new pillowcases for her big girl pillow that she has now!


I put in some extra effort to put French seams on them, which easily doubled sewing time, but WOW was it worth it! So nice… I think I’ll put French seams on everything from now on… lol yeah right like that’s going to happen!

Nola also got a bedroom makeover “for her birthday” (not that she would really know any better, but that was my manic justification, anyway). Remember a-year-and-a-half ago when I was all like, “I’m gonna make Nola’s room all awesome!” with grandiose plans? Well none of that really happened until just recently…



Yes, those are the same Alphabet Wall Cards as mentioned in the original post, finally up on the wall! They are so wonderful, great quality, and create a nice large-scale effect that fills a lot of space (’cause empty wall space is what we had!) — and for less than $20, you really can’t go wrong. The Discovery Kids Lunar Phase Moon Lamp is pretty effing sweet, as well. I also got one for Gunner’s room, and now I’m thinking I need to get another to put in our (the “grown-ups”/parents) bedroom.



Lots of toy storage, with room for more (dear god please, not too much more). Plus a couple shelves dedicated solely to BOOKS — Nola’s absolute favorite things ever.



(Note the dotted-line silhouette in there where bunting will eventually exist.) The picture hanging at the end of her crib was drawn by her big brother especially for her! There’s also a sneak peek at the crib bumpers I’ve been working on (sheesh, by the time I get them finished she won’t be sleeping in the crib anymore).

Zippered Reversible Individual Crib Rail Bumpers

I’ll be posting a blog entry with more pics of those when they’re all finished. The fabrics are “Fandango” by Kate Spain for Moda; and yes, they are now out-of-print — and now you know how long I’ve been picking away at this project. Diligence!

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