Bunny Poops & Bunny Tails!

Do-it-yourself snacks for those Easter baskets! Fill snack-sized plastic zipper bags with 1/2 cup cocoa puffs for “Bunny Poops”, or 1/2 cup miniature marshmallows for “Bunny Tails”. If you’re buying a fresh bag of marshmallows, you may want to spread them out on a paper plate and let them air-dry for about 30 minutes; they tend to clump together in sticky lumps if you put them in the zipper bag too fresh (learned the hard way).

Bunny Poops & Bunny Tails

The PDF file contains three pages, with two labels on each page in different configurations. Select the page(s) you want to print, and print out the labels onto cardstock (preferably, or regular printer paper is fine). Cut out the labels, fold them in half and staple over the tops of the plastic zipper bags. Prepare for giggles! (and sugared-up kids!)

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Bunny Poops/Bunny Tails PDF

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