Weekend Project: Dog Mattresses

I resolved this weekend to complete a simple project: cushions for our three dogs’ kennels. You see, our dogs used to have a couch — a couch we got for free from my husband’s grandmother — but they systematically destroyed it to the point where it was just black lining over box springs with clumps of shredded upholstery and foam clinging to jagged staples and nails sticking out everywhere. Not exactly the best place for dogs to sleep. We considered trying to find another “free” couch, but my paranoia of bringing bed bugs or cockroaches into the house from some “stranger’s” couch, and the fact that we knew damn well the dogs would do the exact same thing over again to a “new” couch, we decided against it. Instead we moved the old couch out (to be sacrificially burned at some later point this summer), and moved the rarely-used-until-now kennels over to where the couch used to be.

My job was to make cushions so the dogs will be comfy with this new arrangement. I can’t remember the last time I completed a project within 48-hours of initial planning… but it actually happened!


I would call these “dog beds”, but they’re not so much “beds” as they are giant-pillowish-cushiony-thingies. These were great for using up some large chunks of fabric from the stash, specifically the “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking or what I’m going to do with this weird fabric” part of the stash. They’re basically giant pillowcases; I didn’t want to screw around with adding any kind of closures (zippers, Velcro, buttons, bleh) so I just added an extra 12 inches to the length and folded the excess under and secured with safety pins. Hooray for cutting corners!


The “filling” is 90″W batting (7 yards for all 3 cushions), folded and refolded to fit the proper dimensions of the kennel. I can’t believe this all worked out so well, considering how haphazardly it was planned and how quickly it was executed. I’m really thrilled with the results! The “mattresses” fit perfectly into the kennels!


The dogs were too busy running around outside to pose for a picture in their new sleeping arrangements (ungrateful so-and-so’s), so in case you’re wondering what they look like…

Festus, Hutch, Daisy

Awwwww… Now to get them to understand that these are their new “beds”… that may take a bit longer.

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