Feather Indentification

We seem to have the beginnings of a feather collection. Three of these were found in one day!


Of course, my impulse is to identify, catalogue, and display them (sound familiar?).

Technically, this is Gunner’s collection, and I’m sure it will be ever- expanding. Maybe some kind of shadow box… we could hang it on the wall and add others as needed. Still figuring that part out. First, they really should be identified! What birds did these feathers come from?!

I found a great database called “The Feather Atlas: Flight Feathers of North American Birds” run by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory. Their website has a wonderful feather identification search tool, where you can input general pattern and color and it gives you relevant images.

Identification Results: (from left to right of the photo above)

1. & 2. Eastern Screech Owl (red morph) wing feathers

3. Most likely some kind of Gull, but since this is a blood feather, its hard to tell what the final length, tip shape, and coloration would have been, so I’ve given it a “best guess” generalization.

4. Cattle Egret primary wing feather

5. European Starling primary wing feather

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