My Own Blanket

I finally made a blanket for me.


The fabric is from the “Fandango” line by Kate Spain for Moda, and is now out-of-print (that’s how long I’ve had this project shelved), and the backing is a wonderfully-soft ecru flannel. I stitched in the ditch, because that’s how I like it. The finished size is about 58 x 72 inches.


These strips were originally intended to be the rest of Nola’s crib bumpers, but then I lost the motivation to complete such an ambitious project. I decided instead to sew them into a blanket. There were actually enough for TWO of these blankets, so I’ve got another one in the works that will be listed in my Etsy shop sometime in the next couple months!

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One thought on “My Own Blanket

  1. Kristine says:

    Nice blanket, I like the colors!
    I also like your blog…would you like to affiliate? :)

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