Summer’s End

Cramming in some last-minute summer fun, before Gunner’s return to school on Monday for second grade! The summer break went by way too fast, as usual. Gunner has all his school supplies, complete with an “Annoying Orange” backpack, and today he got a slick haircut at JCPenney’s for FREE (always nice). Then we went to lunch with Grandpa, and he had a super-cool surprise!



My dad had found it this morning on an outside window of the building where he works, got a plastic container and scooped it up for us! SO COOL! We brought it home to the country and released it back in the brush. It can eat all the Japanese Beetles and crickets and grasshoppers it wants. I took way too many pictures! Here’s some of the better ones!


Had some difficulties finding it with the viewscreen on my camera; it blended in really well with all the tall grass and weeds. Much safer than the concrete and glass of the city!


It looks like some kind of crazy alien.


To wrap up the summer, I’m taking Gunner to see Paranorman on Saturday, and blow the money we saved on the haircut for some spankin’-new back-to-school shoes! I would have liked to get to the pool one more time (or three) before school started, but the weather has been very comfortable in the 70s/low-80s the last couple weeks. Not exactly outdoor-swimming weather, especially with a two-year-old in-tow. Oh well, there’s always next year!

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