Jan 13

Packing Away the Christmas Tree

For years now, I’ve been trying different methods for cinching the Christmas Tree pieces so it will fit back in its original box for storage. I’ve tried: large zip-ties (too expensive for one-time use), various strings and twines (cut up my fingers something awful), bungee cords (awkward and ill-fitting), and even strips of muslin (left strings all over the tree branches). I was getting really frustrated.

Then I thought of trying cinch-straps, but they are not cheap and kind of complicated. Then one day at the local Goodwill, I was slapped in the face by an idea: BELTS. DUH.

$5 Christmas Tree Storage Solution: Use thrifted belts to cinch down artificial tree branches for storage in original box or tight space.

When you’re shopping for tree-belts:

  • the wider, the better;
  • belts with D-ring closures work best for cinching down the branches;
  • you’ll want to get longer belts for the larger tree section, and shorter belts for the smaller tree section, etc.

I bought 8 used (and kind of ugly) belts for around $5 total at Goodwill that day, and they’re still working great — battening our tree down to cram back into it’s tiny box year after year!

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