Printable: Adventure Time Go Fish!

We love Adventure Time. Our whole family. We also love card games. So why not put the two together?! BEHOLD: Adventure Time Go Fish!

Adventure Time Go Fish! Free Printable Card Game

Go Fish is a very simple card game you can play with the whole family. It happens to be one of our 4-year-old’s favorites, and she has claimed this card set as her own.

This prototype set that I made… I went a little overboard. I printed the cards’ face and back images on photo sticker paper, then stuck those onto cardstock sheets before cutting. This resulted in uber-thick cards (similar to baseball cards), but man they are durable.

Adventure Time Go Fish! Free Printable Card Game

How to make your own:

There are four different styles to choose from. All styles feature the same characters — Finn, Jake, Beemo, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Bubblegum Princess, Turtle Princess, Ice King, Flame Princess, Lemongrab, Fionna, Cake, Lady Rainicorn, Snow Golem, Mr. Cupcake, The Lich, Baby Finn, and Cinnamon Bun. The differences between the styles is whether they feature thumbnail images in the upper-left corner, the names of the characters in the lower-right corner, both of these features (Deluxe), or neither (Basic).

Here are the examples: (click to enlarge)

Card Style Preview

We use the basic set. I decided to add the thumbnails for quick-referencing in-hand, then I realized not everyone may know the names of all the characters (when we took the game to Grandma’s house: “Do you have the stretchy-rainbow-unicorn-thing?”) so added the names, as well. You can decide which set would work best for your family.

Choose your set and select the PDF to download:

Download the file to your computer: Right-click the link and select “Save Link As…”
I do not recommend loading and printing in-browser, as there are certain features that you need in Adobe Reader to properly print the PDF pages.

WHEN PRINTING, be sure to select “Page Scaling: None” or “Size Options: Actual Size” in the Adobe Reader Print Dialog box.

Print the card-faces (character cards) on cardstock sheets. You will need to print: (2) copies of page 1, and (2) copies of page 2. Then flip those printed character pages over to print on the reverse side, and print (4) copies of page 3 (the seamless blue card-backs sheet).

Cut the sheets using the lines separating the cards on the card-faces sides of the sheets (a long-arm blade-cutter or other paper-cutter works better than scissors, but is not necessary).

You should end up with two cards of each character, 36 cards total.

Adventure Time Go Fish! Free Printable Card Game

Once you have your card set and you’ve played Adventure Time Go Fish! a dozen-or-so times, you could also use the deck to play Old Maid — just remove one of “The Lich” cards from the set.

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