Jan 14

Printable Minecraft Bookmarks

My son is Minecraft-crazy. He also reads every night before bed, but can rarely find a bookmark when he needs one (defaulting to Kleenex). He was super-psyched when I made him these Minecraft bookmarks!

Printable Minecraft Bookmarks |

I made two different printing types to see which would work best, so I’m offering both styles as PDF downloads. Finished bookmarks measure about 4″ x 2.6″ for both styles.

The first type is a print-cut-fold option. I printed them on photo sticker paper (one of the best inventions EVER), cut them out, pre-folded them before removing the backing. It worked really well! The colors are bright, the bookmarks have a slightly glossy finish, and they’re just the right thickness. You could also use regular printer paper or cardstock and a glue stick or spray adhesive. (click the image below to download the PDF for this style)

Download: Minecraft-Bookmarks-fold.pdf

The other set is a print-flip-print option, which would work well for cardstock but is not recommended for regular printer paper due to ink bleed. Or you could just print the front-sides if you don’t care about the backs being blank. (click the image below to download the PDF for this style)

Download: Minecraft-Bookmarks.pdf

Characters were created using templates from and include: Steve, Creeper, Zombie, Pigman, Zombie Pigman, Enderman, Herobrine, and Lava Acid Creeper (which I think is just a fan concept and not actually in the game, but it looks really cool).

Printable Minecraft Bookmarks |

Books featured in the photos are: The Pocket Scavenger, The Boys’ Book of Adventure, Odd and the Frost Giants, and The Halloween Tree — all are highly recommended!

Nov 13

Door Sixteen Independent Holiday 2013

Door Sixteen Independent Holiday 2013

Nov 13

On the Docket Notepad Now Available!

A new organizational notepad is now available in my shop! The “On the Docket” notepad is a combination to-do list and weekly planner. A printable PDF download version is also available, along with the assembled magnetic notepads.

On the Docket To-Do List Notepad

Oct 13

2014 Weekly Calendar Notepads

I have a new style of Weekly Calendar Notepad now available in my Etsy shop! Say hello to a modern, Helvetica style…

Helvetica 2014 Weekly Calendar Notepad

…along with the classic Scribbled version — “classic” as in: year three!

Scribbled 2014 Weekly Calendar Notepad

Feb 13

Happy Valentine’s GWAR

Made the hubby a special Valentine:

Happy Valentine's GWAR

It’s a pop-up card!

Happy Valentine's GWAR


Eat it, everyone who’s not going to GWAR!

Jan 13

More Adventure Time Love

Adventure Time Needlecraft

Adventure Time Needlecraft details Adventure Time Needlecraft details Adventure Time Needlecraft details

Adventure Time Tableau

Jan 13

Winter Happenings

Play-Doh Finn & Jake

Juvenile Bald Eagle feasting on frozen roadkill carcass

Oct 12

Halloween 2012: Finn saves Frog Princess with Lady Rainicorn!

We had a great Halloween! Nola as Frog Princess, Gunner as Finn the Human, and me as (at least half of) Lady Rainicorn!

Nola kept the glitter-tulle dress on for all of 10 minutes; long enough to get her pictures taken. Then it was jacket and trick-or-treating time! The grandparents’ house got a good dusting of glitter — you’re welcome, mom & dad!

Nola was a total trooper, and made it around about 10 blocks (up and down the massive hills of my hometown) before asking to be carried the last block back to Grandma’s house. It was such a beautiful fall evening! The fresh air and the fun walk with the kids, everybody all dressed up, it was wonderful.

We decided to skip the local costume contest this year; Gunner said he didn’t really want to go, and I wasn’t going to argue. Halloween on a Wednesday is exhausting!

I found a tutorial online for making the backpack, so I didn’t even have to sweat over the pattern or sizing or anything, and it has a functional zipper! We (I) totally nerded-out, and filled it with episode-accurate items from the Prisoners of Love episode, where Finn just happens to list off all the stuff in his backpack as he’s digging through it; yellow sweater (came in handy), flashlight, water bottle, flute, trail mix, binoculars, and I even got him a “Ninja manual” (a-la the Chamber of Frozen Blades episode). He also found our copy of the Enchiridion (Epictetus’ version, that is) on the bookshelf and stuffed that in there. Maybe he’ll actually READ IT!

I made Nola’s sparkly “gown”; my mom found the long-sleeved, long-leg unitard at Goodwill in a total stroke of luck; and we already had the crown from the dollar section of Jo-Ann’s. The mask and hands are from Etsy shop Mahalo, and they are SO CUTE! The set included some adorable little frog-feet shoe covers that you can’t really see, but it was so wonderful to find a frog mask that wasn’t terrifying and it came as a whole set! Thanks Mahalo!

Here you can see how my knees bend backwards. Don’t worry, it’s just a connective-tissue disorder. But handy for freaking people out.

Now its time to deconstruct my costume back to a plain-old pink hoodie. Not sure what to do with the ginormous rainbow scarf, but it is super-warm! Maybe save it for next year, and Nola can be a rainbow!

Sep 12

Printable Animal Masks

Today, Nola asked me if she could be a tiger. I told her she could not draw on herself with that black Sharpie she had in her hands from who-knows-where. Thankfully, she asked first! Needless to say, I had dashed her little two-year-old dreams to bits, and the dejected look on her face damn near broke my heart. So I asked if she would like a tiger mask instead, and she was so excited about it she was literally jumping up and down in anticipation. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!!”

I Googled “printable Tiger Mask“, and from the results found a really cool-looking one, which led me to a page on FULL of printable animal masks! We printed out ten different animals, and they are beautiful! The kids are having a blast, and no Sharpie on the toddler.

I couldn’t wait to Pin it — but, lo-and-behold, “no pinnable images”.  What the spark?! So, I decided post a blog entry, complete with pinnable thumbnail preview, and direct readers to this great resource.

Printable Animal Masks from

Source: Printable Masks

Sep 12

Spoonflower Right-Click Firefox Add-On

Spoonflower I recently discovered Spoonflower — a custom design fabric printing website — and (as with Pinterest) I am now absolutely addicted. Big surprise, right?

If you have ever browsed, you may have noticed that they have a right-click disabling script. I completely understand why — an attempt to keep people from copying or downloading images — but I really want to right-click fabrics to open them in a new tab!

Maybe there are a few different fabrics on a page that I want to open separately, or I want to visit the artist’s gallery or the fabric collection. Instead of clicking forward and waiting for the page to load, then clicking back and waiting for the page to load and moving to the next one, I just want to open a bunch of tabs and sift through the awesomeness! and also to Pin-Pin-Pin!! or maybe I just want them open so I remember later in case I need to leave my laptop for a while (heaven forbid!), what with my ADD-riddled brain constantly making hyper-jumps all over the place.

Well, I found a Firefox Add-On called Right Links, which, when enabled, allows the user to open a link in a new tab with a single right-click. Fantastic! I will probably only ever have it enabled while surfing Spoonflower, but it will save me a TON of time (both loading and browsing), so thank you very much, Right Links creators!

On Spoonflower, you can view my collection of favorite individual fabrics here. Some of the wonderful Spoonflower artists I’ve found so far are Bora, Patty Sloniger, Heidi Kenney, Holly Ward Bimba, Amy Peppler Adams, and Stacy Iest Hsu. The infamous Heather Ross also has a Spoonflower shop! Now I just need thousands of dollars to buy all this fabulous fabric… maybe we’ll win the super-lottery? HA!