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Wayne’s Mom’s Basement Afghan

A couple months ago, some friends came over to my house for a “girl’s night” and we had a Wayne’s World “marathon” (so, Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2). We ate way too much food, laughed our butts off, and there was a sweet thunderstorm — great night!!

I also noticed, for the first time, maybe, the amazeballs hexagonal afghan on the couch in Wayne’s mom’s basement. The pic below is the best (wide) shot I could get of it. I AM SO TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE MYSELF ONE! … SOMEDAY

The one in the movie is crocheted, but it could be done with cotton, quilt-style, which is what I plan on doing… at some point, in the unbeknownst future. You’ll know I’ve done it, when I post it here on le blog.

Wayne's Mom's Basement Afghan

“It will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine.”

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Christmas Favorites: Movies, Music

On December 1st, I dig out our treasure box of festive media. Christmas-themed movies were one of my favorite parts of the holiday season as a child (and even still now that I’m the mom), and many of the ones we have are straight out of my childhood. I’ve added quite a few DVDs this year (marked with * in the lists below) — we might need a bigger box come January. Here’s what we’ve managed to watch thus far:

We grown-ups even managed to squeeze in the vaguely Christmas-themed Die Hard, and the loosely-associated The Shining (hey, it takes place during the winter…)
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Sam Rockwell totally looks like: Everyone.

Yesterday, in a burst of uncharacteristic relevancy — as I had just gifted The Decemberists’ The King is Dead for Mother’s Day — I emailed my mom the TLL of my brother, and of course she thought it was great. She also commented that, if she were to make a TLL, it would be “Sam Rockwell totally looks like Bon Scott”. I thought, “oh, wouldn’t it be neat if I made that and sent it to her and hahaha fun!” I went to Google Images and typed in “Sam Rockwell” and wouldn’t you know it, that guy totally looks like everyone.

Quick side note: the film Moon was fantastic, and if you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you.

So of all the productive things I could have accomplished this morning, I decided to make LOLz instead.

Sam Rockwell totally looks like Bon Scott

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Huh?! Survival of the Dead?!

Why did no one tell me that George A. Romero was making another movie?! By the looks of the trailer, it will be filled with fantastical zombie killing scenes, as I have come to expect from Romero’s zombie flicks. Have I not mentioned how awesome the zombie death scenes were in Diary of the Dead?! Made the whole movie, if you ask me. You can watch the official trailer for Survival of the Dead and see for yourself just a taste of what I’m talking about:

Survival Of The Dead - Official Trailer [HD]

Survival Of The Dead - Official Trailer [HD]

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NPR Highlight: Iron Man 2

(This article is a Burnt Weiners mirror entry.)

Neal Conan weinered-it-up on NPR’s Talk of the Nation today in a short, but somewhat in-depth, discussion with NPR’s resident comic book blogger, Glen Weldon on the topic of the recently released Iron Man 2 movie. I had no idea that one of my favorite talk radio hosts is a self-proclaimed comic book geek!

Listen to the 16 minute “podcast” on NPR’s website:
Iron Man 2 Full Of Easter Eggs For Fans

When Neal quips, “I don’t read a lot of capes,” I literally laughed out loud. Another fantastic highlight is toward the end when one of the callers mentions that he now knows what was in the much sought-after briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Ha!

Vincent Vega and The Briefcase (Pulp Fiction)

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