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Fresh Strawberry Crispy Treats

These. Are. So. Delicious!

Fresh Strawberry Crispy Treats

I signed up to bring “treats” for my preschooler’s Valentine’s Day party. Then come to find out: there’s a nut allergy in the classroom!

What to do?!
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Packing Away the Christmas Tree

For years now, I’ve been trying different methods for cinching the Christmas Tree pieces so it will fit back in its original box for storage. I’ve tried: large zip-ties (too expensive for one-time use), various strings and twines (cut up my fingers something awful), bungee cords (awkward and ill-fitting), and even strips of muslin (left strings all over the tree branches). I was getting really frustrated. $5 Christmas Tree Storage Solution: Use thrifted belts to cinch down artificial tree branches for storage in original box or tight space.

Then I thought of trying cinch-straps, but they are not cheap and kind of complicated. Then one day at the local Goodwill, I was slapped in the face by an idea: BELTS. DUH.


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Tutorial: Basic LEGO Bricks Cake

For my son’s sixth birthday, I threw caution to the wind an attempted a LEGO bricks cake. Up to this point, my only experiences with cake-making have been: Prepare boxed cake, frost and “decorate”. So I searched for some instructions and found two articles in particular that seemed the most simple and accessible. The first one has a photo of a professional cake posted along with the recipe, complete with crisp fondant seams and “unrealistic” stacking. The second has the same instructions but with a photo that more accurately matches the methods so I could get a better idea of what to expect.

Here is my end result:

LEGO Bricks Cake!

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Tutorial: Beanbags with Covers

I was super-psyched when I received an email from a Girl Scout Troop leader, inquiring about the Beanbags with removable covers that I had made for my nephew for his birthday. She was interested in making them as a project for her Troop to donate to shelters, and asked if I would be willing to send some instructions. So I took some photos and wrote up some instructions, and decided to make it into a tutorial to post here on the blog!

Download the Beanbags Tutorial PDF

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Tutorial: Dancing Ribbon Rings

With my niece’s birthday (6 years old!) coming up, I was searching around for something to get her when I discovered these beauties: Dancing Ribbon Rings.

These would make awesome party favors for a little girl’s party! They’re quick and easy, and relatively inexpensive. They would also work great in Easter or May Day baskets, or make them red-white-and-blue for the 4th of July, or Christmas-them-up for stocking stuffers!

Download the Ribbon Rings Tutorial PDF

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