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On the Docket Notepad Now Available!

A new organizational notepad is now available in my shop! The “On the Docket” notepad is a combination to-do list and weekly planner. A printable PDF download version is also available, along with the assembled magnetic notepads.

On the Docket To-Do List Notepad

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2014 Weekly Calendar Notepads

I have a new style of Weekly Calendar Notepad now available in my Etsy shop! Say hello to a modern, Helvetica style…

Helvetica 2014 Weekly Calendar Notepad

…along with the classic Scribbled version — “classic” as in: year three!

Scribbled 2014 Weekly Calendar Notepad

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Moth Series: Moved to Flickr

Nerd alert! In case you didn’t already know: one of the more studious hobbies I enjoy is photographing and classifying (and hanging out at night getting swarmed by) moths. I decided to clear out my Flickr account and dedicate it wholly to this pursuit. It’s coming along nicely; I’ve got about half of my photos from 2005 thru now edited, identified and posted. There are some really awesome moths! Check them out!

Anavitrinella pampinaria

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Shop Update: New Look!

Adel Zeller Handmade has been given a make-over! I made a new business card design today to send off to the printers, and I was so happy with how they turned out, I decided to redesign the shop, too (and update the Facebook page profile photo).

Adel Zeller Handmade, Etsy Shop/Logo Redesign

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Weekly Calendar Notepads 2012

I have released two new items into my Etsy shop! The “Clare 2012” and “Scribbled 2012” Weekly Calendars are available for purchase as magnetic tear-off notepads and printable PDF files. All notepads are in stock and ready-to-ship as of today. Can’t wait to give one to my mom for Christmas!

Clare 2012

Scribbled 2012

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One Minor Setback

I had a great time swimming at the lake last Friday with my bestest friend and our kiddos! But I was really not prepared for the aftermath…

A Morning at the Beach

Worst. Sunburn. Ever. (for me, anyways) I’ve never had to deal much with sunburns. I usually slowly build up a modest base-tan throughout the summer, what with my fierce avoidance of sunlight (hissssss). Apparently my shoulders were not so lucky, this year. Amazingly, no blisters developed. Still, I didn’t even know what to do about it! Luckily a lot of friends and family had much advice to give, and I ended up treating it almost solely with “Original” Noxema cream (thanks again, Aunt Jo!). It helped SO MUCH, it was unbelievable!

Needless to say, this slowed me down a bit over the weekend (booooooo). Today it feels 20-times better; hopefully it will be peeling by the end of the week. Never again will I neglect to apply sunscreen to myself! My kids got off scott-free; Mom was ever-diligent with their sunscreen, applying and reapplying — You’re welcome! It would absolutely break my heart if one of them ended up with something like this!

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Now Available: Grocery List Notepad

The Grocery List is now available in tablet form in my shop!

The Grocery List Notepad

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Zombie Apocalypse: Things I would miss

There are many “luxuries” in life that are taken for granted on a daily basis, but in the event of a zombie apocalypse (I’m just sayin’…) there are certain things that I would especially miss. You know, other than relative peace and calm and safety and not having to splatter brains all day long.

  1. Music. Without electricity, I can’t listen to music. This is why I married a musician–as long as he’s alive and with me and has a guitar, we’re golden.
  2. Sleep. Oh, my precious, precious sleep. Hours and hours of sleep. How can a person be expected to sleep during a zombie apocalypse? Nothing but nightmares.
  3. Medicine. Way-back-when, if a person had a fever, they would die. Nowadays we have Tylenol. How much would it suck to die of a fever when there’s a perfectly good zombie apocalypse going on?
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50 Random Things About Me

  1. In middle school, I was the best player on the girls basketball C team.
  2. I never wear makeup.
  3. As a child, I was in ballet, tap, and jazz dance classes.
  4. I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Cubs, although I rarely follow sports.
  5. I collect individual issues of the Spawn comic series.
  6. I am married and have two kids and three dogs.
  7. My husband has the same name as my childhood dog: Bo.
  8. Bo and I have been together since I was 16 and he was 18, over 11 years now (married for four).
  9. I started taking classes for my Associate of Liberal Arts degree from community college in 2001; as of 2010 I have one class left to take.
  10. I have five tattoos.
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Infinite Repeat

After reading a blog entry over at Wise Craft about house music, I decided to make my own list of songs that I could listen to over and over again repeatedly. Which I have actually done with these songs on multiple occasions over the years. They’re just that good!

To keep the list “short,” and in the interest of “diversity,” I’ve only chosen one song per band/artist, which was really hard to do, as seen in the footnotes for few songs (so I cheated a teensy bit). These are listed alphabetically by artist, because that’s how they came out as I was sifting through Media Player; it seems to add a bit of organized randomness to the whole thing.
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New Etsy Items in Shop

I’ve been working like mad getting new things made, as I may be participating in a local craft fair next month. So yesterday I was able to get these NEW things listed in my Etsy shop. Go check them out!

Triple Button Neckwarmer Single Button Neckwarmer Double Button Neckwarmer Unisex Hooded Scarf Unisex Hooded Scarf Raspberry Charcoal Scarf

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