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National Moth Week, July 19-27

Moths, moths, moths — I am more than a little crazy about them.
Then I come to find out: there’s a National Moth Week every summer! This year it spans July 19-27.

National Moth Week, July 19-27

I’ve gathered my gear (nothing fancy, just white sheets, hanging work lights, and the clothesline) and I’m going to set up as often as I can (weather-permitting), and get the kids involved. Lots of moths to photograph and identify!

If you’re interested in moth-watching in your own back yard, check out this PDF on “How to start mothing” from mothscount.org

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Printable Animal Masks PDF

This is an update of a previous post: Printable Animal Masks

Printable Animal Masks PDF

These animal masks were found on an Angelfire page called “Child’s Play”, and I have compiled them here in a handy PDF that is much more user-friendly for printing.
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Printable: Adventure Time Go Fish!

We love Adventure Time. Our whole family. We also love card games. So why not put the two together?! BEHOLD: Adventure Time Go Fish!

Adventure Time Go Fish! Free Printable Card Game

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A Kid’s Summer: Photography

Need something to keep your kids busy for a while this summer so you can get a moment’s peace? Well hey, disposable cameras still exist! Hand one to your kids and tell them to go take pictures! Take a nature walk, or a stroll around the city, or just send them outside and let them snap away.

Disposable cameras still exist! Hand one to your kids and tell them to go take pictures!

If you have more than one child, write their name on the camera so there are no mix-ups. Show them how the camera works by first taking their picture — this will also help to keep track of which photos belong to whom when you get them back from the printers.

Make it a project! For older kids, you could do a photo-a-day: take the camera wherever you go and take one picture every day to document your summer. The kids can make their own keepsake scrapbook with their photos.

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Old MacDonald’s Farm

We took a trip to Bever Park to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm, which is not so much a “farm” as it is an “exhibit” in the middle of the city with some farm animals. Chickens, cows, pigs, lots of ducks, goats, and even a Prarie Dog section. Oh, and lots of bugs, butterflies, daddy long legs and worms. It was a little hot out, so of course we were both sweating insanely (thanks, genetics!) but it was a fun and cheap (free, actually) way to kill two end-of-summer what-are-we-gonna-do-until-school-starts hours. Plus, we went out for ice cream afterwards! WOO!

Gunner @ Old MacDonald's Farm

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