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Mike Patton. John Zorn. Christmas.

I have been waiting SO LONG for this.

And, it is AWESOME (just as I suspected it would be).

John Zorn - Dreamers Christmas

I knew deep down in my heart that soon enough Mike Patton would be crooning out some holiday tunes.

Thank you, John Zorn.

Christmas is now complete.

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Gunner Mix #2

I have managed again to fill 70 minutes with songs that are appropriate and fun for a six-year-old boy, and which also happen to be awesome! I made myself a copy of this mix to keep in my car, as a matter of fact. “Who Wants to Rock?” was a great way to start it off (love that song), and notice how “Iron Man” and “War Machine” are back to back? Yeah.

Gunner Mix 2

I’ve started compiling song ideas for mix number three, like the Chipmunks version of “Wooly Bully“, and “The Monster Mash” (fun!).

Any other suggestions?!

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Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts & Photographic Artwork

The art aesthetic of Nine Inch Nails has always been incredibly appealing to me; the fact that I also love the music is a total win-win situation. As I’ve grown through the years from a moody and brooding teenager into an urbane sophisticate of an adult (okay, lol at that), I’ve been lucky enough that NIN’s music has seemed to morph and evolve along with me. I haven’t “outgrown” it like so many other bands, but I’ve been able to go along on the ride and with each new album I just love it more and more–I hope it never ends!

I recently purchased Ghosts I-IV, which isn’t exactly “new” anymore (it came out back in 2008), but for some ridiculous reason I had skipped over it or forgotten about it until this year. But I am so glad I picked it up, even if I was a little late! I love the instrumentals of Nine Inch Nails, and a whole two-disc album’s worth?! Fantastic! Then I posted about it on Facebook, only to realize that I was not alone in my procrastination: two of my NIN-head friends who I thought would be chastising me for not listening sooner were asking me to get them copies! Naturally, I referred them to the website where you can download the whole album for five bucks. But anyway, on to my original impetus for this blog entry, which is the breathtaking artwork accompanying this album.

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How to Destroy Angels EP

The recent collaboration of Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, titled How to Destroy Angels, has produced a 6-song EP available for FREE to download from the website howtodestroyangels.com

How to Destroy Angels

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Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice in Chains

Okay, so, how super-psyched was I, when approached by Vitamin Records to review one of their newer releases, Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice in Chains?! Well, I already own Chamber Made: The Baroque Tribute to Tool, which I thoroughly enjoy, so I was excited to hear their interpretations of songs from another of my favorite bands!

Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice in Chains

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Make Your Own Album Cover

A fantastically fun activity from the Best Week Ever blog!

Massower See - That Should be Secondary

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