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Bookshelf Paperback Lifts

We recently installed new shelves, but with all the books taken out of storage, we were still having trouble with space. We had mass-market paperbacks stacked either two-deep or rows on top of each other. Either way, not the best. I had saved a pin showing lifts for a DVD shelf, but didn’t like way it was set up. The pin image shows a closed, fixed-width cube-shelf, but our shelves are open and I needed a more fluid, adjustable system that I could add or move chunks for future book accumulation. Then we made a random trip to the dollar store one day, and found the solution.

Paperbacks on shelf: Before

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Nola is 2, and has a “new” room

Nola is now 2-years-old, and continues her refusal to both sit still and smile for pictures. 75% of her photos are either exuberant-grinning-blur or disinterested-curmudgeon-stare.


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Gunner’s New Room

One happy almost-5-year-old in his new room

Last year, we began remodeling the back room to move Gunner into that larger room. A long, long time ago, it was a roommate’s room, then when the new baby (namely Gunner) came along, it became the “junk room” because there was no way I was putting a baby in that room with the nightmarish electric-puke-chartreuse walls. But as Gunner grew and accumulated more and more stuff, he quickly outgrew the smaller “baby” room and really needed more space.
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Junk Room Update

I’ve reached the midway point. Here are some “Before” and “After” shots…

Junk Room IMG_0329 Junk Room IMG_0321

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Winter Project: Junk Room

That’s right, boys and girls… I’m tackling the “junk room.” (woot) I want to clear it out, paint it, and move Gunner into there because it is bigger than his current room. “Why paint it?” you may ask. (wonder) Well, because the walls are lime green and the carpet is cornflower blue. (gross) It’s truly hideous. Let me show you…

Junk Room Junk Room Junk Room Junk Room

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