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Gunner’s Birthday: It’sa Mario Time!

My little boy is 7-years-old!

To celebrate, we had planned a morning-to-night birthday Saturday — with family in the morning, friends in the afternoon, and a couple friends staying over night. BUT THEN: Ear infection sneak-attack the night before the party. Arg!

At the last second, had to push the friends/sleepover party back a week (with lots of phone calls at 10:30-at-night to attendees’ parents, *awkward*). Luckily we kept the “family” party as planned, so it wasn’t a total destructo-bummer for the birthday boy, who had been waiting in great anticipation of epic-birthday-party-day. Still had grammas, grampas, aunt & uncle, presents and decorations — and I forced the dozen family members there to eat the 4-dozen cupcakes I had prepared for the weekend. Who doesn’t love a birthday cupcake brunch?!

Cupcakes with toppers

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Tutorial: Basic LEGO Bricks Cake

For my son’s sixth birthday, I threw caution to the wind an attempted a LEGO bricks cake. Up to this point, my only experiences with cake-making have been: Prepare boxed cake, frost and “decorate”. So I searched for some instructions and found two articles in particular that seemed the most simple and accessible. The first one has a photo of a professional cake posted along with the recipe, complete with crisp fondant seams and “unrealistic” stacking. The second has the same instructions but with a photo that more accurately matches the methods so I could get a better idea of what to expect.

Here is my end result:

LEGO Bricks Cake!

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