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Handmade Christmas 2012

I made blankets for the kids this year for Christmas, and gave them on Christmas Eve. They both look exhausted in this photo because it was 9:30 at night and we had just gotten back from a long night of dinner and festivities with family.


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My Own Blanket

I finally made a blanket for me.


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Wayne’s Mom’s Basement Afghan

A couple months ago, some friends came over to my house for a “girl’s night” and we had a Wayne’s World “marathon” (so, Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2). We ate way too much food, laughed our butts off, and there was a sweet thunderstorm — great night!!

I also noticed, for the first time, maybe, the amazeballs hexagonal afghan on the couch in Wayne’s mom’s basement. The pic below is the best (wide) shot I could get of it. I AM SO TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE MYSELF ONE! … SOMEDAY

The one in the movie is crocheted, but it could be done with cotton, quilt-style, which is what I plan on doing… at some point, in the unbeknownst future. You’ll know I’ve done it, when I post it here on le blog.

Wayne's Mom's Basement Afghan

“It will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine.”

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Finished Crafts Backlog

There are a few things I’ve made this year that have been finished for a while but I never took the time to photograph. Well I finally got around to it! (plus more) I’ve also added these to the Adel Zeller Handmade Facebook page, and comments are welcome!


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Process: Nola’s Wall-Hanging Quilt

I’ve had the fabric for this quilt for Nola for… almost a year now? Yikes. I’ve finally re-cut the pieces I had previously cut, and yesterday I planned it all out and pieced it together.


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