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Happy Valentine’s GWAR

Made the hubby a special Valentine:

Happy Valentine's GWAR

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Dethklok and Mastodon

We went to the Dethklok/Mastodon show at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines last night (that’s right, on a Wednesday night) and it was well worth the mid-week trip and the $43 per ticket.


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FNM Poster Love

I am absolutely adoring these fresh Faith No More tour posters! I must also say that I am engorged with jealousy when I see all the tour dates listed in Europe and South America, with not even a whisper of possible U.S. tour dates. :( I’m holding out hope for 2010 FNM tour in America!

Poster design by Adam Jones Poster design by Guy Burwell

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Nine Inch Nails Live!

Went to Nine Inch Nails concert last night. Pretty awesome. Trent was lookin’ HAWT! I’m a big fan of bulked-up/muscular Reznor, as opposed to the coked-out skinny/wiry Reznor of old. This show was not quite as awesome as the one we saw last year, but still a good show. But I TOOK MY CAMERA THIS TIME! So I have some cliché fan concert photos to share. My little brother (14 years old) came with us, and it was his first “general admission” concert! I took him into the fray of the floor and he got crushed and kicked and elbowed and loved it :) Ahh, bonding…

Nine Inch Nails 11/20/2008

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