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GrungeZombie.net Censored

In protest of the SOPA legislation, GrungeZombie.net is participating in the National American Web Strike and will be “blacked out” all day on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.


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tokidoki® Tattooed Barbie® Doll

So an indie company had the audacity to commission, produce, and sell a Barbie® Doll sporting permanent tattoos. (As opposed to the similarly available Barbie® with temporary tattoos.) Let the fur fly! as sensationalism sets in, and the dissenting opinions of the very loud minority overshadow reason and sensibility (yet again, go figure).

tokidoki® Barbie® Doll

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Occupy Wall Street (with dignity, please)

You know, I am 100% behind the whole Occupy Wall St. idea, and I’ve heard very intelligently-worded, thoughtful and moving speeches and interviews from some leaders and activists participating in this momentous political movement. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen some videos of “protesters” just being effed-up stupid. For example, inciting unrest and antagonizing the police (who are maybe hundreds, trying to control crowds of thousands), and then screaming “POLICE BRUTALITY” when they throw your ass on the ground and arrest you. Standing around shouting “WE ARE PEACEFUL!! WE ARE PEACEFUL!!” and then charging at a line of police officers, is NOT a “peaceful” protest. Not a very smart thing to do, ever. No sympathy.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure there are some shitty cops out there who would punch your grandmother in the face for no reason. But for the most part, they are average citizens (just like you) who are working long hours at a stressful job (just like you) for a paycheck to provide for their family (just like you) and would like to make it home at the end of the day without a trip to the hospital (just like you). The police are in fact there to protect you from yourself, protect other people from you, protect you from other people, and keep the situation from breaking out into a riot. Because when large groups of passionate, similarly-minded people congregate en mass, as peaceful as their intentions may be, mob-mentality will rule — and it only takes ONE black sheep to get the herd running off a cliff.

BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE KEEP POSTING VIDEOS showing that there are people in this country standing up for what they believe in, and not just believing what the government and corporations and the media are feeding them! Exercise your rights! (they’ve been getting a little flabby lately.) Stand strong for those of us who cannot or will not be there! But please, please, don’t go posting bullshit, inflammatory videos, that clearly show you being an ass, acting in a way that would get you arrested anyway, even if you weren’t part of a mob of protesters. It’s disrespectful, and diminishes the extremely important message that SOCIAL and POLITICAL CHANGE during this tumultuous time is necessary for America to recover from the malicious devastation that occurred in the financial sector.

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What’s this Internet thing all about, anyway?

I recently submitted a comment on Sally J Shim’s blog in response to her post about internet privacy in general and specifically her photographs being used without permission or proper accreditation. Here’s what I said:

Unfortunately, many people just search Google Images for content for their blog, nabbing pictures without even thinking of crediting original sources–if they even get it from the original source, and not from someone else who has already reposted a repost! I’ve heard some freaky stories along these same lines. There was one woman in particular, a photographer, whose entire blog was copied, nearly verbatim, by some ridiculous (and I’m guessing unstable) person, along with images of her children who this person renamed and claimed as her own. Creepy.

It hits you hard when you put your own world out there only to have your trust violated by a stranger. The internet is a strange place; I’ve been “online” and making websites and posting a journal (in one form or another) since 1995, and it has grown incredibly fast and virtually unfettered, which is a wonderful and sometimes very scary thing.
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