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Weekend Project: Dog Mattresses

I resolved this weekend to complete a simple project: cushions for our three dogs’ kennels. You see, our dogs used to have a couch — a couch we got for free from my husband’s grandmother — but they systematically destroyed it to the point where it was just black lining over box springs with clumps of shredded upholstery and foam clinging to jagged staples and nails sticking out everywhere. Not exactly the best place for dogs to sleep. We considered trying to find another “free” couch, but my paranoia of bringing bed bugs or cockroaches into the house from some “stranger’s” couch, and the fact that we knew damn well the dogs would do the exact same thing over again to a “new” couch, we decided against it. Instead we moved the old couch out (to be sacrificially burned at some later point this summer), and moved the rarely-used-until-now kennels over to where the couch used to be.

My job was to make cushions so the dogs will be comfy with this new arrangement. I can’t remember the last time I completed a project within 48-hours of initial planning… but it actually happened!


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Doan furget teh goggies dis Krizzmus!

A friendly reminder from Festus, Hutch, and Daisy, that during this season of giving, don’t overlook your furry (or maybe not-so-furry) friends in the animal kingdom! Please help support local and national animal-related non-profits, now during the holidays and all year round!

Festus, Hutch, Daisy

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Sharing This Week: Your Dogs

The topic of “sharing” this week in Gunner’s kindergarten class was pets — either pets you have or pets you’d like to have. Since we couldn’t exactly take the dogs in to the school (for a multitude of reasons), we decided to take a photo of Gunner with the dogs for him to take in and show to the class. Here is the result:

Gunner, Festus, Hutch, Daisy

Yep, that’s the “best” one. This was the only one where all the dogs were in-frame, and Gunner was paying attention and smiling. Unfortunately, he just happened to be itching his leg awkwardly. *facepalm* But hopefully no one noticed.

The dogs are: Festus (yellow lab/pitbull mix), Hutch (chocolate lab, AKC name “Mr. Trouble Hutchins Pterodactyl”), and Daisy (smooth collie/terrier mix). There hasn’t been a photo of Hutch since he’s been fully grown… so here he is! What a lovely bunch of smelly mutts!

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and his name is Hutch!

Say hello to the newest member of our family! He is a 6 week old Chocolate Lab, and his name is Hutch (as the post title suggests, lol). He came home Saturday afternoon, and things are going good so far. No accidents in the house yet, but a few hours of lost sleep taking him out in the “wee” hours of the morning. Festus is still pulling the grumpy-old-man routine so far, but hopefully he will get over it soon and play with the puppy. Daisy wants to play so bad but her stupid cone keeps getting in the way! Here are some photos, but I warn you, taking picture of this puppy turned out to be a lot harder than I had originally thought! Think of it as a montage: “20 Minutes in the Life of a Puppy.”

Hutch Hutch

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Injuries are abound

Last Friday, I was cutting some fabric with a rotary cutter. Little did I know that my left index finger would soon be forever changed. That’s right, I sliced right through it, removing a fair chunk. I was home alone with my 4-year-old son, so there wasn’t much I could do: I rinsed it, compressed it with a washcloth, and proceeded to cuss like a sailor. When my husband arrived home from work, he chuckled and I laughed along with him at the total lame of the situation. It would not stop bleeding if I took the compress off, so I decided to go to the urgent care. I wasn’t sure if they could actually put stitches in it, as a good swatch was missing, but I had no idea what to do with it so I figured I’d better go in and get some advice.

WARNING: If you are squeamish,
do not look at these pictures!

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