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Dec 13

Deck the Door

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, I venture into town; not for manic holiday shopping, but to choose a wreath for our front door. For the last few years, I’ve been getting them at a local gardening and landscape shop called Peck’s Green Thumb Nursery. They have gorgeous wreaths, made from real winter trees and plants, handcrafted in their store. I love having real wreaths; you can smell the coniferous sweetness every time you go in or out of the door.

Wreath 2013-2014

The best thing about Peck’s is that they use all different kinds of greens for their wreaths: pine and spruce and juniper, and there’s some little blue berries in this one which I have no idea what to call; and pine cones! Not a proper wreath without pine cones! I added the fake holly berries which I picked up in Peck’s wonderful Christmas section full of displays and decorated trees and ornaments galore. I also added the obligatory silver jingle bells that I have to have on there every year — it’s so fun to hear the jingling when you open the door!

Wreath 2013-2014 (detail)

This wreath will stay up on our door through February and into March, though I will probably take off the holly berries and jingle bells once the holidays are over. The door wreath is hands-down one of my favorite holiday traditions!

May 11

Projects Projects Projects, May

I’ve got so many projects going simultaneously, I think my head may explode! Okay, maybe not. This is how it usually gets for me in the springtime. Something about opening the windows and the fresh air breezing through the house makes me want to sew all day long!

Mostly I’m writing this post as a sort of challenge to myself — a short-list of “priority” projects, to see what I will actually have done by the end of the month. There’s a couple paid commissions/contracts, which need to be done; the rest of the projects are leisurely, and I work on them “whenever” which makes my ADD-brain happy. But also means they’ll be done whenever, which makes my desire-to-have-them-done-brain impatient.

One thing that I’m really in no hurry to complete is my top-secret embroidery that I pick up every now-and-then when I want to just relax and zone-out.


Nola’s quilt is pinned and ready to be quilted, which I’d like to do today. Then I can sew it up with the ATOMIC RED binding tape which took me about three hours to make (I have no binding tape-making tools, booooooo). The insane color had my eyes going all wonky the whole time, but it looks great so it was worth it!


I was commissioned by a local lady to make a memory blanket of selected sweatshirts from her now-grown kids’ various high school activities. Its going well so far! Can’t wait to have it finished, its been on the back-burner for a while.


Today I deconstructed Nola’s old bumper pad, with plans to make some kind of little puff-style quilt/blanket. Maybe I’ll turn it into a tutorial? To be continued…


Other projects on the docket, but not auspiciously photographed (aww, darn):

  • I’ve planned a video tutorial, but getting it actually recorded is proving to be harder than expected!
  • Working on photoshopping images for a boutique children’s website; 500 photos to be edited, resized, watermarked.
  • Out of four new sets of shelving delivered this month, two have been constructed but are sitting devoid of things; there needs to be more spring cleaning and rearranging done before they get placed and filled, and I really hate cleaning and rearranging.
  • I’ve got stuffed animal hammocks for both the kids’ rooms, but we need a power drill to install them. Can you believe we don’t have a power drill? I can. Because we don’t. What would we do without grandpas to borrow tools from?!

Blast from the past: It’s been three years since I rotary-cuttered my index finger. You wouldn’t know to look at it now; there’s not really a scar to tell unless I compare it directly with my other index finger. Although the skin there is really tough now, and I’ve had to adjust the way I thread needles. It’s the little details that surprise you. Let’s not do anything like that ever again, eh?

Feb 11

Blog Watch: Door Sixteen

Door Sixteen: Great blog, stumbled onto via Apartment Therapy’s The Homies 2011 award nomination/voting. Tons of great content: home improvements, fantastic recipes, personal insights about life in general. Not to mention how insanely envious I am of Anna’s career as a book jacket designer!

Door Sixteen

Jun 10

Nola’s Room Makeover, Intro

Now that Nola is no longer a flailing newborn, she needs a proper baby girl’s room to grow into. I have plenty of plans swirling around in my head already, and most of them are simple and I already have most of the stuff I need. It’s just a matter of finding the time and getting it done!

Note the gaping white areas of blank wall space. Boring! My plans include alphabet wall cards, proper curtains, a small set of shelves (like in Gunner’s room), get that motorcycle out of there, switch out the breathable bumpers and mobile for the “new” ones acquired this weekend, and much more! I do like the extra storage under the crib, but I need to get a proper storage tub for the space there. I’ll be posting some “halfway there” pics once I get a few things done. ;)

FYI, here’s what Gunner thinks of the whole thing:

Mmm... root beer...

Feb 10

Gunner’s New Room

One happy almost-5-year-old in his new room

Last year, we began remodeling the back room to move Gunner into that larger room. A long, long time ago, it was a roommate’s room, then when the new baby (namely Gunner) came along, it became the “junk room” because there was no way I was putting a baby in that room with the nightmarish electric-puke-chartreuse walls. But as Gunner grew and accumulated more and more stuff, he quickly outgrew the smaller “baby” room and really needed more space. The decision was 100% cemented with the beginnings of baby number two, and months of procrastination was quickly becoming regrettable! But with the help of our wonderful families we were able to finish it up relatively quickly. Thank goodness! As you can see from the before photos in this archive entry and the after photos below, it turned out beautifully.

Gunner’s new loft bed was crafted by his grandfather (my father-in-law) years ago, originally for our nephew but he outgrew it a few years ago and we inherited it when my sister-in-law cleaned out her storage garage. It was perfect timing, and it’s such a cool bed! I was worried about him sleeping so high off the ground, but he’s been doing just fine (settle down, mom) and it’s nice to have the extra room underneath. I really like that the organization drawers for toys and his clothing worked out so well, and I got to sort and put labels on everything! I’m hoping that the labels will help him with some “sight” reading and he will be able to keep track of where everything is and clean up after himself more easily. He’s also got a brand new bookcase so that all of his books are now in his room! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time in order to clear out some space on the livingroom bookshelves for our growing collection of books.

Now it’s just a matter of getting the new baby’s room more settled and figured out. It shouldn’t be too difficult, the crib and changing table/dresser and all the other good stuff is already set up. I’m just waiting on some Alphabet wall cards to spiff up the plain white walls. Then I’ll throw some pink sheets and blankets on things and see where it needs to go from there. *sigh* Always a work in progress.

Mar 09

Junk Room Update

I’ve reached the midway point. Here are some “Before” and “After” shots…

Junk Room IMG_0329 Junk Room IMG_0321 Junk Room IMG_0322 Junk Room IMG_0323

Next step: Prying those fugly seam trims off the wall, taping, mudding and sanding, then two coats of paint to cover that ghastly lime green.

After that: Vacuuming and shampooing the carpet, setting up Gunner’s new “big boy” bed that grandpa made, transferring all his stuff into new storage drawer units, putting up posters.

Will this be done by the afternoon of Saturday, March 14th? We shall see…

Jan 09

Winter Project: Junk Room

That’s right, boys and girls… I’m tackling the “junk room.” (woot) I want to clear it out, paint it, and move Gunner into there because it is bigger than his current room. “Why paint it?” you may ask. (wonder) Well, because the walls are lime green and the carpet is cornflower blue. (gross) It’s truly hideous. Let me show you…

Junk Room Junk Room Junk Room Junk Room

Notice the sweet-ass Technodrome? Yeah, that’s not going anywhere; my husband would punch me in the face if I even considered getting rid of his Turtles. (lol) But there’s PLENTY of other stuff that can be liquidated. So, I will probably be selling what I can on eBay, consigning what’s left of that, and donating anything leftover.

I purchased a used 2-drawer file cabinet today, so the first step will be sorting out and filing away the paper work and bills and such. Next will be to sort through everything to decide what to sell off or get rid of and what to keep. The cradle, crib, car seat and stroller will be going to one or both of the grandparents’ house(s) for attic storage. We don’t have an attic.(annoyed) The desk will either be given to my nephew or consigned. I hate to get rid of it, I’ve spent a lot of time at that desk during my teen years, but we just don’t need it and it’s taking up a lot of space.

I’m hoping to have this done by the spring (hope) or sooner if I can really get some major chunks done everyday. If I include the painting process, it probably will be spring by the time it’s ready. If I can get it done in time for Gunner’s birthday in March, that would be AWESOME! We will see… baby steps.