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NPR Highlight: Iron Man 2

(This article is a Burnt Weiners mirror entry.)

Neal Conan weinered-it-up on NPR’s Talk of the Nation today in a short, but somewhat in-depth, discussion with NPR’s resident comic book blogger, Glen Weldon on the topic of the recently released Iron Man 2 movie. I had no idea that one of my favorite talk radio hosts is a self-proclaimed comic book geek!

Listen to the 16 minute “podcast” on NPR’s website:
Iron Man 2 Full Of Easter Eggs For Fans

When Neal quips, “I don’t read a lot of capes,” I literally laughed out loud. Another fantastic highlight is toward the end when one of the callers mentions that he now knows what was in the much sought-after briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Ha!

Vincent Vega and The Briefcase (Pulp Fiction)

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