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Childhood Keepsakes

So if you hadn’t already guessed by the lack of blog posts this summer, I have been staying very busy. My one monstrous undertaking is getting the house organized, with new shelving and storage, and rearranging all the closets. My hope is that having things well-organized will lead to easier maintenance of the house in general, plus I won’t have to “scoop & cram” everything into our bedroom when the holidays arrive and family comes over for festivities.

While sorting through some of our “keepsakes” storage, I came across many treasures from my childhood. It’s always the most fun going through these time-capsule-like totes, and discovering all these cherished items all over again. I decided to take some pics of my most favorite things among the nostalgic goodness…


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Childhood, Childhood

I finally got around to finding a good use for my old She-Ra toy shields that I’ve been saving and carting around for the last 15-or-so years. For whatever reason I just could not give these up as I sorted through old childhood things. I never knew what to do with them, they’ve been in storage all this time, but I would never part with them, even as I rid myself of so many other adolescent possessions.

She-Ra Shield Magnets

You can also see in the photos a portrait that my son (then 3.5 years-old) drew of his mom, me. (heart) I love it so much, it is easily one of my most cherished things in this world. I plan on framing it one of these days, but until then it will stay on the fridge where I can swoon over it every day.

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