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One Minor Setback

I had a great time swimming at the lake last Friday with my bestest friend and our kiddos! But I was really not prepared for the aftermath…

A Morning at the Beach

Worst. Sunburn. Ever. (for me, anyways) I’ve never had to deal much with sunburns. I usually slowly build up a modest base-tan throughout the summer, what with my fierce avoidance of sunlight (hissssss). Apparently my shoulders were not so lucky, this year. Amazingly, no blisters developed. Still, I didn’t even know what to do about it! Luckily a lot of friends and family had much advice to give, and I ended up treating it almost solely with “Original” Noxema cream (thanks again, Aunt Jo!). It helped SO MUCH, it was unbelievable!

Needless to say, this slowed me down a bit over the weekend (booooooo). Today it feels 20-times better; hopefully it will be peeling by the end of the week. Never again will I neglect to apply sunscreen to myself! My kids got off scott-free; Mom was ever-diligent with their sunscreen, applying and reapplying — You’re welcome! It would absolutely break my heart if one of them ended up with something like this!

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Metamorphosis is gross.

Live Butterfly Garden… sounds great, right? How can you go wrong? Caterpillars are really neat, and butterflies are really neat; I love gardens, and I certainly do like things that are living. Its the part that occurs in between existence as a caterpillar and existence as a butterfly that is not-quite-so-neat.

It’s actually pretty gross.

Don’t get me wrong, metamorphosis is a fascinating and amazing natural process. However, this fascinating-and-amazing-natural-process normally occurs outdoors for a reason — because the aftermath is like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, at 1:64 scale (and, you know… with slightly more butterflies).

[insert Psycho shower-scene theme slasher-music here]


It starts off with the caterpillars’ backsides being amputated when they form their own chrysalis. Then when they emerge, they expel “meconium”, which is the bloody-looking substance all over — which looks bloody because it is basically unneeded tissue leftover from the metamorphosis.

Then you might get the one butterfly that has some kind of major malfunction during emergence, and is not dead but is crippled beyond repair, having torn most of his own wing off. Plus the two chrysalids on the bottom that fell off the cotton disc, and probably will not amount to anything, but still creepily squirm around.


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Injuries are abound

Last Friday, I was cutting some fabric with a rotary cutter. Little did I know that my left index finger would soon be forever changed. That’s right, I sliced right through it, removing a fair chunk. I was home alone with my 4-year-old son, so there wasn’t much I could do: I rinsed it, compressed it with a washcloth, and proceeded to cuss like a sailor. When my husband arrived home from work, he chuckled and I laughed along with him at the total lame of the situation. It would not stop bleeding if I took the compress off, so I decided to go to the urgent care. I wasn’t sure if they could actually put stitches in it, as a good swatch was missing, but I had no idea what to do with it so I figured I’d better go in and get some advice.

WARNING: If you are squeamish,
do not look at these pictures!

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How-To: Easily Remove Cockleburrs

We live out in the country, so as a family (including the dogs) we encounter cockleburrs of varying size, shape and nastiness. So I figured I would share an easy method of removing them from virtually anything without pricking your fingers…

How-To: Easily Remove Cockleburrs

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