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Sky Tide Photomerge

Photos taken by me the morning of June 20, 2006, around 9:30 a.m., just outside of Atkins, Iowa (west of Cedar Rapids); clouds supposedly classified as stratocumulus undulatus asperatus. Stitched together using Adobe Photoshop Photomerge, with heavy seam-flow finish work done by hand after automation.


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Old Man Snapping Turtle

We had a “visitor” in our driveway today! Thanks to Peashy for noticing it and calling us, otherwise we would never have even known! A big ol’ ugly cranky snapping turtle had stopped to rest in one of the washout puddles in the shade. I say “cranky” only because he looked cranky; he didn’t actually hiss at us at all, which was weird. But he was pretty big– biggest I’ve ever personally seen…

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New Etsy Items in Shop

I’ve been working like mad getting new things made, as I may be participating in a local craft fair next month. So yesterday I was able to get these NEW things listed in my Etsy shop. Go check them out!

Triple Button Neckwarmer Single Button Neckwarmer Double Button Neckwarmer Unisex Hooded Scarf Unisex Hooded Scarf Raspberry Charcoal Scarf

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Dethklok and Mastodon

We went to the Dethklok/Mastodon show at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines last night (that’s right, on a Wednesday night) and it was well worth the mid-week trip and the $43 per ticket.


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Old MacDonald’s Farm

We took a trip to Bever Park to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm, which is not so much a “farm” as it is an “exhibit” in the middle of the city with some farm animals. Chickens, cows, pigs, lots of ducks, goats, and even a Prarie Dog section. Oh, and lots of bugs, butterflies, daddy long legs and worms. It was a little hot out, so of course we were both sweating insanely (thanks, genetics!) but it was a fun and cheap (free, actually) way to kill two end-of-summer what-are-we-gonna-do-until-school-starts hours. Plus, we went out for ice cream afterwards! WOO!

Gunner @ Old MacDonald's Farm

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Wizard World 2009

Wizard World (Chicago Comic-Con) this year was not quite as exciting as last year. I was basically only there for one day (Saturday) and there really wasn’t much to do. Last year there was a simultaneous Horror convention which was more fun for me. I did snap a few pictures…

Eric Maruscak working on his chalk masterpiece:

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and his name is Hutch!

Say hello to the newest member of our family! He is a 6 week old Chocolate Lab, and his name is Hutch (as the post title suggests, lol). He came home Saturday afternoon, and things are going good so far. No accidents in the house yet, but a few hours of lost sleep taking him out in the “wee” hours of the morning. Festus is still pulling the grumpy-old-man routine so far, but hopefully he will get over it soon and play with the puppy. Daisy wants to play so bad but her stupid cone keeps getting in the way! Here are some photos, but I warn you, taking picture of this puppy turned out to be a lot harder than I had originally thought! Think of it as a montage: “20 Minutes in the Life of a Puppy.”

Hutch Hutch

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Nine Inch Nails Live!

Went to Nine Inch Nails concert last night. Pretty awesome. Trent was lookin’ HAWT! I’m a big fan of bulked-up/muscular Reznor, as opposed to the coked-out skinny/wiry Reznor of old. This show was not quite as awesome as the one we saw last year, but still a good show. But I TOOK MY CAMERA THIS TIME! So I have some clichĂ© fan concert photos to share. My little brother (14 years old) came with us, and it was his first “general admission” concert! I took him into the fray of the floor and he got crushed and kicked and elbowed and loved it :) Ahh, bonding…

Nine Inch Nails 11/20/2008

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Wizard World, Flashback Weekend

Bo and I went to Chicago in July with some friends for the annual Wizard World convention, but then when we got there and checked in to our hotel, we discovered that the Flashback Weekend HORROR convention was happening in our hotel on the same weekend!! It was SO AWESOME!

This is what you see when you enter Wizard World

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