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Bookshelf Paperback Lifts

We recently installed new shelves, but with all the books taken out of storage, we were still having trouble with space. We had mass-market paperbacks stacked either two-deep or rows on top of each other. Either way, not the best. I had saved a pin showing lifts for a DVD shelf, but didn’t like way it was set up. The pin image shows a closed, fixed-width cube-shelf, but our shelves are open and I needed a more fluid, adjustable system that I could add or move chunks for future book accumulation. Then we made a random trip to the dollar store one day, and found the solution.

Paperbacks on shelf: Before

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New Bookshelf (of shame)

My awesome little desktop bookshelf from Ecolok arrived yesterday! It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for! and well within my price-range! I’ve already spotted at least three other places around the house where we can nestle more of these — heaven knows we could use the extra book storage.

Ecolok desktop booshelf + Pile of Shame

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Fabric Bookends

We recently added two DVD-rack shelving units to the living room, freeing up the bookcase that my dad made for me, to be actually used for books! I decided to make some fabric bookends, having stumbled upon them quite some time ago in JoshuaByOak‘s Etsy shop. I made them larger (7×5 inches), with heavy unbleached cotton duck-like fabric, applied the images using printable fabric transfers, and filled them with 6-lbs. of lentils. They turned out really well!


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