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Sam Rockwell totally looks like: Everyone.

Yesterday, in a burst of uncharacteristic relevancy — as I had just gifted The Decemberists’ The King is Dead for Mother’s Day — I emailed my mom the TLL of my brother, and of course she thought it was great. She also commented that, if she were to make a TLL, it would be “Sam Rockwell totally looks like Bon Scott”. I thought, “oh, wouldn’t it be neat if I made that and sent it to her and hahaha fun!” I went to Google Images and typed in “Sam Rockwell” and wouldn’t you know it, that guy totally looks like everyone.

Quick side note: the film Moon was fantastic, and if you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you.

So of all the productive things I could have accomplished this morning, I decided to make LOLz instead.

Sam Rockwell totally looks like Bon Scott

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